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We at Gentle Drivers like to focus on the experience. From the moment your client leaves his house to the moment he steps back in his car. An unparalleled indulging experience will set the benchmark for your competition and leave your guests in awe.

Our Story.

As student entrepreneurs our mission was to deliver an experience that is near impossible to compete with. Partnering up with various restaurants has given us the opportunity to execute our vision.


We collaborate with a variety of restaurants. If you are interested in collaborating with us, feel free to get in touch.

Our Clients

Some of the restaurants we already collaborate with.


We provide a wide range of Flexible & Useful Services.

Valet Services

Does your business not offer parking options? You focus on your client, let us handle the valet.

Taxi Services

Had a few too many drinks? Not a problem. We can get you home safe & sound, in your own vehicle! Just let us know before hand.

Private Events

We can collaborate and handle the valet & taxi service at your own event. Unparalleled luxury right at your door.


We will provide an extra cleaning service added with some refreshments such as water, peppermints and refreshners. The client will get the feeling that their car was treated just as perfectly as they were treated at your venue.

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